About Us

I started Designer Threads five years ago because I'm passionate about art and style and fastinated with thread work. I love the idea that fabric is my canvas and thread my paints. I began taking embroidery and fiber classes, then purchased my own embroidery equipment. As my skills increased, I decided to start a custom design embroidery business, creating special and unique wearable artwork for my customers. I love helping people bring to life their ideas and creativity.

Designer Threads only carries and uses the highest quality embroidery thread and stabilizers, the kind that will last and look beautiful for years to come. I love working on all types of pieces, especially artwork (embroidered pictures). I also enjoy the variety and learning that comes from my client’s projects, and making something that no one else in the world has.

To stay current with the industry, I’m always taking classes, attending seminars and reading about the latest trends in embroidery and sewing. What sets me apart from other embroidery designers is that I never require a minimum order. I want people from any background to have the opportunity to create and enjoy one-of-a-kind clothing embellishments.

My mission is to make stunning designs out of thread for my customers. Embroidery and sewing is not just a thing of the past, and today’s wearable fabric art is unique, beautiful and stylish.